St Laurence


We are delighted that you or your child wish to be baptised and to publicly declare your friendship and faith in Jesus Christ. If you currently live in the parish of Stanmer with Falmer then you may be baptised at St Laurence.

Baptism is also an invitation to belong and share in the life of our church family. As such, we would encourage you to worship with us regularly for a period of six months before deciding to be baptised. This, together with a short course that explores the Christian faith and the promises you will be asked to make during the baptism service, are an essential part of your preparation for this important event.


Wedding Logo Transparent BackgroundCongratulations! We are delighted you wish to be married at St Laurence which is a very special and beautiful place to begin your life together.

If you currently live in the parish of Stanmer and Falmer then you should be able to be married in St Laurence.  But please check first that your residence is within the parish boundaries on the A Church Near You website.

If you do not live within the parish it may still be possible for you to marry here if you have a qualifying connection with the parish. The requirements for this are quite specific, so we would ask you to visit the Church of England wedding website before you meet with our minister and before you make any arrangements for the reception.


Please contact Jonathan, our minister, if you require a pastoral visit if a family member is gravely ill or has recently died.

In the event of a death, you will be invited to meet with our minister after meeting with your Funeral Director to find a suitable date and to discuss the funeral service. We follow a standard Church of England order of service, with provision for the family to make their own tribute.

Presently, funeral numbers are restricted to 30 people in church and no singing is permitted.

Burials in the Churchyard are normally limited to those who are resident within the parish. In accordance with the regulations, the scattering of ashes on church grounds is not permitted and ashes to be interred may not be mixed or divided.

Please visit the Church of England funeral website for additional information or contact us directly.

A Prayer

Dear God
Thank you for [name] and for all they meant to me and to others. 
I so wanted to say goodbye,
to be alongside my friends
and family.
Help me to know
that you are there,
holding all my hopes,
holding all I love,
especially [name]
and holding me this day.
Be close with your peace
and hope.