We are delighted that you or your child wish to be Baptised (Christenened) and to publicly declare your friendship and faith in Jesus Christ.  You don't have to have been Baptised yourself or be a regular church-goer;  you may live,work or worship in the parish of Stanmer with Falmer, or you may simply appreciate the beauty and setting of St. Laurence Church. 

Baptism is also an invitation to belong and share in the life of our church family. As such, we would encourage you to join in our worship prior to the event.  

There are statutory fees for special services such as Baptisms which can be found on the Church of England website, or we can advise you.


Wedding Logo Transparent BackgroundCongratulations! We are delighted you wish to be married at St Laurence which is a very special and beautiful place to begin your life together.

If you currently live in the parish of Stanmer and Falmer then you should be able to be married in St Laurence.  But please check first that your residence is within the parish boundaries on the A Church Near You website.

If you do not live within the parish it may still be possible for you to marry here if you have a qualifying connection with the parish. The requirements for this are quite specific, so we would ask you to visit the Church of England wedding website before you meet with our priest and/or contact us before you make any arrangements for the reception.


Please contact Sue Paine (01273 508951) if you require a pastoral visit from a priest if a family member is gravely ill or has recently died and they will arrange this for you.   

St. Laurence Church has a set of regulations required by the Church of England for requests for burial in its Churchyard.  Please contact the Churchwarden (Sue) who will be happy to explain these.  Please note that ashes can no longer be scattered in the Churchyard but have to be interred.

A Prayer

Dear God
Thank you for [name] and for all they meant to me and to others. 
I so wanted to say goodbye,
to be alongside my friends
and family.
Help me to know
that you are there,
holding all my hopes,
holding all I love,
especially [name]
and holding me this day.
Be close with your peace
and hope.