church exterior with pond

Welcome to St. Laurence Church in the parish of Stanmer with Falmer.  Set in the beautiful village of Falmer (south) we are an inclusive Anglican church in a unique spot between two universities and a football stadium.  We welcome all who enter our doors, whether already members of a church or those who come simply from curiousity.  We gladly recognise that everyone, irrespective of age, colour of skin, gender, marital status, sexuality, nationality, disability or background, is a Child of God, valued and loved.

St Laurence Interior

Sunday Eucharist is celebrated at 10.00am every Sunday at St. Laurence Church.  Everyone is most welcome, whether or not you wish to receive Communion.  If you are a visitor please make yourself known to any member of the congregation, we are always pleased to welcome people. 

Mid-week Eucharist is celebrated at 12.30pm on Thursdays at St. Laurence Church (please note, not on June 1st)  

Covid restrictions:  as these have been lifted, mask-wearing is at personal discretion.  Communion is offered in both kinds, personal discretion can again be exercised.